Pole Dancing Parties for Bachelorettes and Birthdays

Pole Dancing has gained much popularity for fitness worldwide, but have you ever been to a PoleParty? A studio called Kittykatpoledancing located in the heart of Miami has been hosting Bachelorette and Birthday Pole Parties since 2007 .Say’s Muniz the owner a former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and Former Flight Attendant. Wow what a change!

She came up with the idea of Pole Parties when she realized how much the ladies liked taking her regular Pole Class at Crunch where she used to teach a single class.

Muniz , Says she became going to people homes and hotels with a portable pole and would spend at least over 3 hours at each party. The energy and smiles and fun was amazing ! She quotes, even that she only had one pole. She mentions she would bring props her music and her famous Thigh High Boots in black or red. It was like the Wow Factor !

Each party had a story of happiness and memories Muniz mentions to us , Every Bride was different and her goal was to make each bride feel special. Each lady had there own routine that was created by they mastermind Miss Kitty like many called her. It was one massive party full of fun and laughter.

Now Miss Kitty has her own studio in Midtown since 2010 and every weekend she’s very booked she tell’s us. She also does Birthday Pole Parties and wait Single and Ready to Mingle. There are so many options of Party to choose from.

Pole Dancing Parties Studio

The elegant studio is situated in Midtown, Miami Once you walk into her studio you get that Wow! Factor. Super Sexy lighting .High ceilings , totally private, elegant decoration and very Moulin Rouge feeling the beautifully red walls and wall to wall mirror makes KittyKat a playful heaven for her Pole Parties!

Make it Look Sexy!